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10 Things About Twin Toddlers

Now that I have finally (!) emerged from the fog of twin newborns, we’re into the next stage of babyhood — toddlers! I’d be lying if I said this was any easier than newborn twins, but it’s hard in a different way, as all phases of childhood are turning out to be. So here are my 10 […]


‘They Were Meant to Be Mine’

Nurse Jessica Hamm remembers the first time she laid eyes on the 14-month-old girl admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Wolfson Children’s Hospital with horrific injuries. Suffering from a skull fracture, brain bleed, broken femur and fractured wrists, malnourished and with a fresh handprint-shaped pattern of bruises on her little face, baby Delilah […]


Learning to Love My Big Family

This is not how I planned my life. And by that I mean — four kids didn’t even occur to me. I grew up as one of three, and that’s what I wanted for my own family. For a few long, dark years, we weren’t even sure we would have a second child. And then […]


I’ll Always Want Another Baby, But I Don’t Want More Kids!

This weekend, I cleaned out my twins’ closet. My son is giant, 20 pounds at eight months, and pretty much skipped straight from six-month clothes to 12-month clothes. I missed a box, stored under the bed, of hand-me-downs that he had already outgrown, and there were things in the closet I knew didn’t fit him anymore. […]


YES, I’ve Got My Hands Full, Thanks for Noticing!

Sitting in my car in the hot, dirty parking garage, hands shaking, I looked down at my phone and pressed my husband’s number. He answered immediately. “Well, how was it? Was there a heartbeat?” “Um. Yes. Yes, there was. There were two.” “I’m sorry, what? Two?!” “Yes. Two.” “I’m driving. I will call you back.” Click. I […]