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Busy Activities to Minimize Screen Time

In my house, we use screen time sparingly and mostly as a treat. Television isn’t something that my daughter gets the opportunity to watch too often — we definitely keep it within the limits as suggested by the American Academy of Pediatrics, yet she still gives us resistance when it is time to turn the television […]


I Haven’t Spoken To My Husband In 4 Years

I haven’t spoken to my husband in four years. No, we aren’t separated and he hasn’t gone missing.  It’s just that we have toddlers, two of them. Yes, I’m being rather facetious, but I know I am not the only person who feels this way with their spouse. Some days, okay, a lot of days […]


From Infants to Teens – Local Pediatrician Dr. Ashraf Affan Answers Your Questions Step by Step!

Brought to you by Angel Kids Pediatrics. From infants to teens, Dr. Ashraf Affan, Founder and Medical Director of Angel Kids Pediatrics answers common questions from parents. INFANTS How do I know if my son is getting enough to eat? I am breastfeeding, and he wants to eat about every two hours. Is this normal? Dr. Affan: Newborns […]