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If I Could Turn Back Time

I had my first child almost 16 years ago. I was 26 and full of excitement, terror, and toggling between “When will the baby get here?” and “Let’s keep her in a little bit longer.” The only thing I really knew about being a mother, I’d learned from babysitting and watching Family Ties. At best, I was […]


Raising Teenagers: A Day in the Life

If I had a dollar for every time a parent of young kids asked me what it’s like to parent teenagers, I’d be rich. The questions range from mildly curious to positively terrified. “Are they always moody?” “Do they stop wanting to spend time with you?” “Are they selfish human beings leaving nothing but a […]


To My Teenage Daughter: I See You

Believe it or not, the above images were taken on the same day. One depicting my 15-year-old daughter as the little girl I’ve always known. The other a stark reminder that she’s growing up faster than my mind can process. Much like her transition into womanhood, I’m stuck between being the mom I’ve always been […]


A Day in the Life of a Teenage Gamer

As a mother of two tech-savvy teenagers, I’ve had my fair share of experiences in the world of video games. From the Nintendo DS providing entertainment in the backseat, to family tennis on the Wii, to the intense world of Minecraft, and finally, to the more advanced gaming systems of today, I’ve seen it all. […]