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Divorced (But Not Damaged)

When a divorce happens, it can feel like you’ve hit your rock bottom — as if you are this lost soul just roaming about, getting the bare minimum in life done each day. You are in survival mode for yourself but mainly for your kids. The vision I had put forth in my mind of […]


When You Lose Your Family Without an Obituary

As the journey continues from my first post about my new life as a single mommy, When the Bubble Burst, I find myself with less family around and do not quite understand what’s happened.  There’s no illness, no funeral, and no obituary in the paper, but I feel as if I am grieving the loss of half […]


When the Bubble Burst: My Life as a New Single Mom

Bubbles are fascinating. They are iridescent, different sizes and display multiple rainbow colors with the lights’ reflection. Kids love them, how could they not? My name is Rachel, and I am a single mother of two girls living in St. Augustine. Did you catch the “single” mentioned above? That’s right. I am a single parent. […]

Working Mom

Traveling for Work :: Making it Easier

My husband is a very “hands–on” dad – he always gets up with the kids in the morning, and feeds and gets them dressed, so that I can sleep a little longer. (I take the evening shift!) He’s great at Legos and plays princess dolls with our five-year-old without an ounce of self-consciousness. He colors, […]