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YES, I’ve Got My Hands Full, Thanks for Noticing!

Sitting in my car in the hot, dirty parking garage, hands shaking, I looked down at my phone and pressed my husband’s number. He answered immediately. “Well, how was it? Was there a heartbeat?” “Um. Yes. Yes, there was. There were two.” “I’m sorry, what? Two?!” “Yes. Two.” “I’m driving. I will call you back.” Click. I […]


My TTTS Journey – How My Twins Became Survivors

“I see two heartbeats.” In October of 2009, those were the scariest words I had ever heard. Had I heard the sonographer correctly? Were there really two babies? Yes. Twins. Identical twins. I panicked. Were we ready for this? My doctor came in and talked us through the risks associated with having twins, especially identical […]