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Never Say Never!

Have you ever looked at a mom who has kids older than your own and thought “I will never do that” or “I will never say that”? I was one of those moms when my baby was too small to move or talk, and I’m here to tell you, my oldest child is only four […]


Peek-a-Boo! They’re Watching You

Since I started teaching fitness classes with Jacksonville Stroller Strength, my daughter has begun mimicking my every workout move. The other day I heard her say something that sounded like “shldr ruls” and looked over only to find her rolling her shoulders backward just like I do during a warm up in class. A few […]


Brown Baggin’ the Green Way

My very first email address began with treehugger; I created cards to pass out to my friends in high school in celebration of Earth Day, but I’m not the greenest mom on earth. In fact, I drive a beast of vehicle that will probably be banned if the EPA cracks down on emissions. But my […]