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Moms: Why Taking Care of Yourself is the Best Thing for Your Family

Brought to you by Wolfson Children’s Hospital Whether you have one child or five, a newborn or toddlers, being a mother has its challenges. Juggling doctors’ appointments, carpools, sporting events, naptimes, laundry meals and full or part-time jobs take up a lot of your day and stamina. It’s a rewarding but hectic time that can leave […]


JMB Neighborhood and Mom Groups!

Introducing Neighborhood and Parenting Groups in Jacksonville! Our primary goal in creating Jacksonville Moms Blog was to connect moms online, as well as offline through playdates and our events. Jacksonville is the largest city by area in the United States and we would like to make it feel a little smaller by creating neighborhood playgroups! Whether […]

Mom Play Dates

When Mom Has Her First Play “Date”

Play “Dating” Playdates by definition are “time that parents arrange for their children to play together.” Ironically, ‘date’ is in the word, and I am about to tell you why. As infants and toddlers, playdates for my kids were getting together with MY friends that happen to have kids the same age. The kids would […]