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Curls and Convo | Beaver Street Enterprise Center

In honor of Black History Month Mygani LLC is teaming up with Empowerment Resources Inc. (ERI) a private 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering children and their families to become strong and successful leaders we are excited to host our 4th Curls and Convo event! Mygani LLC’s signature event was created to instill the value of self-confidence in women + girls of color regardless of their hair texture or skin complexion. Join us for an engaging convo about how natural hair and culture played a part in the movie Black Panther!

Your ticket includes:

Panel discussion
Hairstyling demo
Small business vendors
Light refreshments
Swag bags (for the first 100 guests)

ALL Donations are tax deductible. We can also accept donations via check.


Kids of ages are welcome. The event is geared toward girls of color ages 5-17.


Come Find Your Fitness With Jacksonville Moms

Jacksonville Moms Blog wants to help you look and feel your best by hosting our first ever FINDING YOUR FITNESS Challenge! This six-week challenge is open to all fitness levels, all ages, working moms, stay-at-home moms... any JMB reader who is ready to change their life for the better! Throughout the six weeks, participants will [...]

Seeking a Nanny? How to Find Your Own Personal Mary Poppins

Hiring that special someone to help out with the little ones or even around the house? Mary Poppins sets the bar high in the nanny universe, but hopefully with some of these helpful tips, you, too, can find your very own Mary! The definition of a nanny often varies from parent to parent, and there […]


Raising Teenagers: A Day in the Life

If I had a dollar for every time a parent of young kids asked me what it’s like to parent teenagers, I’d be rich. The questions range from mildly curious to positively terrified. “Are they always moody?” “Do they stop wanting to spend time with you?” “Are they selfish human beings leaving nothing but a […]


Jacksonville Mom’s “Mom Crush” Monday

We all know “momming” isn’t easy. Motherhood is hard and should be celebrated, recognized, and rewarded! Jacksonville Moms Blog wants to hear from you! In our new series, “Mom Crush Monday,” we want you to nominate your “Mom Bestie.” Someone who is killing it at the hardest job in the world! We want to recognize […]


Traveling With Kids: Give Up on Perfection

We are a family who loves to travel. Local or international, weekend getaways or week-long adventures. We’re in for it all. The memories are priceless, and the chance to escape the distractions of day-to-day life can help reset and recharge our family. As much as I love traveling with my kids, there have been a […]


Safety Is Always on a Mother’s Mind

Thank you to SafeTouch Security Systems for sponsoring this post and giving this busy mama peace of mind! “I only stepped away for just a few seconds…” It’s the beginning of every parenting disaster story. Busy is an understatement when describing the life of a mother, and sometimes you feel as if two eyes is […]


Happily Ever After Kids

To have and to hold, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health…through the sleepless nights of crying babies, the “dates” at home when we are unable to find a babysitter, the knocks on the door every time we lock it to have some privacy, and the moments our children always come before us…I […]


Dear Stay-At-Home Mom, THANK YOU.

Back when I was working full-time, the “stay-at-home mom” title always sounded so luxurious. I pictured perfect days with not a care in the world, other than spending uninterrupted quality time with my babies. What could a stay-at-home mother possibly stress about? I could accomplish anything with the endless amounts of “free time” that stay-at-home […]


The Light at the End of the Pregnancy Tunnel

I can never talk about the struggles of motherhood or pregnancy without starting out by saying I absolutely love and adore my children. Their precious existence outweighs any hardship this chapter of life may entail. Quite frankly, when I find myself starting to rant on the difficulties of motherhood, I feel somewhat selfish. I chose […]