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When Your Kid Starts to Doubt the Magic of Santa

I knew this day would come — the day my son would start questioning Santa’s authenticity. He’s 7 years old and in second grade. Someone in his class (who has older siblings) told him Santa was not real and that parents wrap and hide presents under the tree, not Santa. WHY would another child deliberately […]


My Kids are Ruining the Holidays

Okay, so maybe that’s an exaggeration, but haven’t we all been there at some point? You’ve searched Pinterest for the ultimate Christmas bucket list with activities that the entire season depends on. You’ve Googled the best gingerbread recipe and cute ways to decorate goodies for your kid’s classroom. Maybe you’ve even thought about making a […]


It’s Officially the Holidaze

November? Is that you again?! For some of us, I know the common term, “holidays,” starts at a certain time of the year. Mine technically kicks off when the anxiety hits. It’s that time when my phone consistently has around 1,120 emails, my voicemail box is full (oh, that’s year round), my Facebook messenger — […]


The Great Halloween Candy Buyback

Every kid loves going trick-or-treating for Halloween. And let’s be honest, us moms? We’re not complaining about a good candy haul, either. Still, no one wants their kid going on a weeks-long sugar binge, and hiding it doesn’t really work either; then the only person binging on candy is, well, Mom. So what do you […]


5 Ways to Cultivate Joy in Giving

I love this time of year. I am blasting holiday tunes in my car, festive lights are twinkling and my favorite side dishes are about to become a staple in my house again. Yum! This time of year marks the beginning of my deep dive into holiday movies both old and new. My news feed […]


‘Tis the Season to Experience Jacksonville’s Enchanted Christmas Village

Jacksonville Moms Blog is proud to partner with the Enchanted Christmas Village for this year’s Holiday Events Guide. It truly ’tis the season to experience the magic of Christmas — literally, as of this week, unless  you’re one of the Christmas-tree early birds (and hey, no harm in that). We gave you a sneak peek […]


Joyfully Saying ‘No’ to Holiday Celebrations

Hi. I’m Candace, and my family doesn’t celebrate conventional holidays. That’s right. Our family doesn’t celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, etc. Of course, we have religious reasons behind why we don’t celebrate, but I’m not writing this to talk about those reasons. I’m writing this because I’ve witnessed way too many negative posts […]