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Pediatric Care Without the Trip: A New Mom Q&A with Blueberry Pediatrics

Thank you to Blueberry Pediatrics for providing this new mom (and other families) with much-needed peace of mind from the convenience of their own home! It seems like just yesterday I was with my son as his very first pediatric appointment. The past seven months have flown by, and as a new mom, I frequently […]


Confessions of a Germophobe

I am that lady you see religiously wiping down the grocery cart. I do not put my tush on public toilets, and I visibly shudder when my kids play with the communal toys in doctors’ offices. Yes, I am a germophobe. I came by this quite honestly, though. When I was 10 years old, my […]


Meet mumda: Jacksonville’s Premiere Prenatal & Postpartum Support for Women

This post is brought to you by the prenatal and postpartum experts at mumda. Giving birth and the oftentimes stressful period of postpartum afterward doesn’t have to be filled with uncertainty, anxiety and sheer terror — especially for first-time moms. Enter the birth specialists at Jacksonville’s mumda: A group of trained women whose mission is […]