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The Ultimate Guide to Free Summer Fun: Free Online Summer Learning Programs

Check out these FREE online summer learning programs for Jacksonville kids! Book-It Summer Online Reading Program – Kids who participate in the Book It! Pizza Hut’s Spark Your Greatness Summer Reading Challenge will be able to enjoy fun activities, play games, and have the chance to win some prizes. Cost: Free REI Activity Journal - Looking [...]

DIY: Easy Homemade Valentines to Remember

Keeping the chaos out of Valentine’s Day can be a challenge! I’ll be honest, it’s not my favorite holiday. Sure, I enjoy it. I LOVE love. The problem is that the love can easily get lost in the candy-drenched, commercialized expectations we put on the day. Pile on tight schedules with multiple classes, parties and group […]

Wood Heart

Valentine’s Day Decor :: Wood Hanging Heart

Christmas is over and the decorations are back in the bins for another eleven months, before we pull them out again. Lights are put away for next Christmas as well. Or….. maybe they are still on the trees and I…oops… you just remembered about them. Anyways, we are on to the next holiday; Valentine’s Day. […]

My pumpkin next to the pumpkins my son painted.

Don’t Try This at Home

Every mom dreams of being like Martha Stewart right? We want each holiday to be a perfect memory for our children. We see all of the great craft ideas and think, “I can totally do that!” This month’s cover of Country Living inpired me to do just that. No more breaking my wrists trying to […]