Three Moms Put Fresh Wave To The Test

The Jacksonville Moms Blog Team has partnered with Fresh Wave for this sponsored review. Warning to all readers: We are all in LOVE with these products!

Fresh Wave

This past month, three of us were thrilled to be asked to incorporate Fresh Wave products into our everyday lives. Each of us are at different stages of motherhood (each stage bringing it’s unique odors along with it), so we were excited to see just how good these all natural, chemical-free products could stand up to our individual challenges!

Fresh Wave Feature II

MOM: Brandi
FAMILY: One Hard-Working, Swamp-Wading, Land Surveyor Husband; one 4-year-old son; one 4-month-old-son; and one creek-loving Boxer.
BRANDI’S REVIEW: My nose seems to have been stuck on “Crime-solving Bloodhound” mode after being pregnant pretty much the past two years. I am incredibly sensitive to smells and they tend to make or break my mood if they linger. We live on a creek and our dog has recently developed a fun habit of jumping in to drink water or swim after the canoe, which leaves me trying to air the house out all day — often hard to do with the humidity in Florida. Add in diapers from the cutest recent addition to our family, and smells seem to be the norm around here.

Fresh Wave Diaper

To be honest, I was skeptical when I received the attractive basket of Fresh Wave items. Cleaning products tend to overwhelm me, and I’m not a fan of using them around our children and dog due to worrisome chemicals. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with Fresh Wave, however, and don’t mind the clean scent that is only initial when opening a new package. The smell reminds me of Cherry Coke and then dissipates quickly to neutralize odors. This was really put to the test two weeks ago when I borrowed my mom’s car and forgot a few outstanding diapers in bags in the back on one of our hotter days (whoops!), but after tossing in a packet she had no idea of the disgusting scent that lingered there earlier that day! (Until now, at least.) I’ve set a the Fresh Wave Odor-removing Gel container near our dog food/treats area (those smells always get me) and it is a fresh spot in the home now whereas before I disliked entering near that door due to the “welcoming” dog treat fragrance. The other Gel Container is in our most-used bathroom, packets have been put near the diaper trash, and the sprays hide kitchen trash odors as needed. It’s impressive. I can absolutely say that I recommend Fresh Wave products to even the most sensitive of noses.

MOM: Jessica
FAMILY: 2 small kids, a husband, and an old Beagle
JESSICA’S REVIEW: I am always searching for ways to make odors disappear. The odor that drives me crazy most is the lingering wet hound dog scent in my bedroom, where my 13-year-old dog sleeps next to my bed. I have tried scented oils, scented candles, disinfectant sprays–you name it. The oils were always too strong, I would forget to blow out the candles when I left the house and disinfectant sprays were temporary. I don’t like the idea of having to plug in electrical scented thingys–those are just one more thing to worry about around the kids.

Fresh Wave DogWhen I received a jar of Fresh Wave Odor-removing Gel, I was skeptical. I mean I couldn’t even smell it. How was this going to rid my boudoir of beagle? It only took one day to notice a difference. I was trying to smell the dog–I really was! I just could not smell any animal smell AT ALL. The best word to describe my reaction was shocked. I was completely shocked by the results. Finally, I had found an odor-removing product that actually did what it said it would do. It doesn’t hurt either that it is made of completely natural ingredients such as pine and lime extract. I now have a Fresh Wave Odor Removing Pack in my husband’s smelliest leather shoes and I keep the Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray on top of the toilet in the kid’s bathroom. Now that I have found a product that actually works, I am actively looking for odors to destroy.

MOM: Christie
FAMILY: A husband, 2 kids in Jr. High active in sports, and a 150 lb Mastiff
CHRISTIE’S REVIEW: I might not be in the throes of diaper changing odors like my friend and fellow contributor Brandi, but I’ve recently learned of an odor that no one could have prepared me for–older kid’s sports gear. After spending an afternoon wearing catcher’s gear in the Florida heat, my son’s baseball bag gets thrown in my trunk for a little extra baking in the sun while we race off to my daughter’s soccer game. This leaves us at the end of every Saturday with a smell in the van that truly cannot be described.

Fresh Wave SportsHonestly, I thought there was no possible way a chemical-free product could even touch the odors we needed to eliminate, but I was wrong! Each time I get into my van now, I am pleasantly surprised by the clean, fresh smell I’m greeted by all because of the Fresh Wave Odor Removing Pack I’ve placed in the top pocket of my son’s baseball bag. In addition, the Fresh Wave Odor-removing Gel container sits proudly in my kid’s bathroom ensuring that I no longer have to warn people prior to entering. Finally, I’ve been using the Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray on my dog’s bed and find myself wishing I could use it to actually bathe him. I can honestly say that I’ve never been so happy with a product like this delivering on what it says it will deliver. My only issue is that my husband tells me sports bags aren’t supposed to smell good, but little does he know, I’m slipping those little packs to all my fellow baseball moms hoping we can start a new trend of fresh smelling baseball gear!

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