Not Your Average Driving Lesson: Dillman Driving School

Thank you to Dillman Driving School for putting this mama's mind at ease when it comes to her learning-to-drive teenager.

I recently blogged about the complete terror that has taken over my life since my daughter started driving. It has been the most confusing and panic-inducing time of my parenting years, and she can’t even drive by herself yet. This is exactly why I was so excited for my daughter to take lessons with Robert Dillman from Dillman Driving School.

Seeing as I never took driving lessons growing up, and this is my first teenager who has entered the world of driving, I had no idea what to expect. From the very start of the first lesson to the end of the last, I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled with our experience. Robert took the time to review everything that would happen over the course of each lesson and provided a recap email each week, so we knew what they worked on and areas we could help our daughter improve.

During lesson one, I was a ridealong passenger because I’m a control freak dedicated to getting details for the story. I was impressed with how calm he was with my daughter as she drove through town. She can be a little difficult to read, but he continued to ask her questions about school and her interests, pushing through the standard one-word teen answers. I tried to remain invisible in the backseat, but the mom in me couldn’t keep quiet. At the end of that lesson, he kindly informed me that her driving suffered for a good 20 minutes after I corrected her due to her visible frustration. Point taken. I committed to staying home the next time.

This cone was the only victim of her driving lessons.

Over the next two lessons, they worked through parking, basic maneuvers, and reinforced the standards he taught her during week one. He even spent the final lesson intentionally trying to rattle her with distractions. As a mom, this is the thing I worry about most. When she’s out with her friends and someone does something unexpected, will she maintain focus? I was so grateful to hear that she passed that part with flying colors.

What I loved most about our Dillman Driving School experience was that it was completely catered to our daughter’s needs. If there was an area where she needed extra help, he would spend some additional time focusing on that skill. I could see her confidence improving each week, and for the first time, I was excited to get in the car with her to see how much she had improved. I’m happy to say it was like riding with a different driver, and I don’t think I had to use my imaginary passenger brake once.

The other thing that impressed me was that the focus was never on ensuring she could simply pass the test but instead centered around making her a responsible, safe driver. Something any parent can appreciate when it comes to their teenager getting behind the wheel. If you’re looking for a unique driving school experience (hello, white mustang!) that will put both the teen driver’s and parent’s minds at ease, I highly recommend Dillman Driving School.

More About Dillman Driving School & Special JMB Offer

Licensed with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Dillman Driving School programs are designed to meet your individual needs with Robert Dillman’s proven, award-winning curriculum that includes intensive driver training and real-world application.

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