Delightful Desserts Done à La Mode: Mayfield Creamery Ice Cream

Thank you to Mayfield Creamery for sponsoring this post and for helping busy moms and families make gourmet desserts in their own kitchens!

Last minute playdate or neighborhood dinner invite with nothing sweet in the pantry to bring? Forgot to order your child’s birthday cake? It happens to the best of us, but don’t fret! We have some delicious ways to celebrate the special occasions and the “everydays” with one key ingredient: Mayfield Creamery Ice Cream! Whether you are a gourmet pastry chef, or most days just struggle to get dinner on the table, here are some sweet and fun ways to liven up the last course… bring on the dessert!

Pantry Finds That Melt in Your Mouth

Open up the pantry — you’ve got graham crackers, mini marshmallows but no chocolate bars. Wait, you have chocolate chips! But, no campfire to make those delicious s’mores we all love on a cozy evening. With the help of a scoop of ice cream and those simple ingredients, you have what it takes to whip up these delicious S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches. These delights will fit in the palm of your little ones’ hands and give you a little taste of the warmth of roasted marshmallows with a cool blast of ice cream in between. To add a twist to this old favorite, we used Candy Jar Crunch ice cream for a little added sweetness and crunch!

Another easy pantry-made pastry recipe is a Mayfield Sprinkled Ice Cream Sandwich! These were simple and delightful to throw together, and the kids loved the festive sprinkles. The recipe calls for homemade cookies, but who has time for that? Not me! I had recently purchased some pre-made frozen cookies from a school fundraiser, so I opted to throw those in the oven, then added my scoop of Mayfield Ice Cream, sprinkles and voila — these look gourmet to me and tasted amazing, too. Perfect for a last-minute playdate! I also added some smaller, bite-size versions of ginger snaps and the Lemon Ice Box Pie Ice Cream, for the grownup palette. Bon appétit!

Last Minute Birthday Cake or Dinner Party Date?

I recently ran in to a mom friend who was hosting a birthday party for her daughter the upcoming weekend, and she said “I completely forgot to order the cake!” This, too, has happened to me, and when I ran across this recipe for Chocolate Explosion Ice Cream Cake (yes, you heard that right!) I thought this would be the perfect last-minute dessert idea. This would even work for the grownups — a last-minute dinner party or moms’ night to catch up with a friend — just add a a cup of coffee or wine!

The ingredients are simple again: a box of brownies, some chocolate chips and chocolate ice cream. I used the Smoky Mountain Fudge Mayfield Creamery Ice Cream and left out the chocolate cookies because I didn’t have any. This recipe also throws in the magical “homemade magic shell” in between indulgent layers for an extra crisp. Plus, it was fun to learn how to make this at home — it’s also super easy and probably a healthier option.

So next time you have a last-minute need for a dessert that looks gourmet, just think ICE CREAM! Specifically Mayfield Creamery, because with almost 30 flavor options, you can make any “everyday” into a holiday delight and be the talk of the playdate! For more recipe ideas click here (and seriously, there are the cutest ideas when summer rolls around again, think Sandy Beach Ice Cream Treats complete with the paper umbrella or Summer Berry Ice Cream Cupcakes, even a Mayfield Baked Alaska!) And check our our previous blog post on making more memories at home in the kitchen with Mayfield Creamery!

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