Why You Need a LotPod! {Review & Giveaway}

LotPod5I got the chance to try out a new product called the LotPod. I was excited to get my hands on one because I think it’s such a wonderful safety invention. Going to the grocery store with little kids is crazy and hectic anyway, but then you get out to the parking lot and trying to keep everyone contained, including the cart, can become a game of Russian Roulette. The last thing you want is the cart running away from you in the parking lot with your child inside while you’re trying to unload the groceries.

That’s where the LotPod comes in handy. This 100% recyclable, extremely durable and wear-resistant plastic pod goes right under the wheel of your grocery cart and holds it in place while you unload your groceries. No more run-away cart!  It keeps your children and bumper safe. I was worried about remembering it every time, but I just kept it in my trunk with my reusable bags. It’s easy to take out each trip to store when you get back to the car to unload and throw it back in the trunk for the next time. There’s nothing tricky about it, it is extremely simple to use; just roll the front wheel onto the LotPod! Plus, you can snag one for only $11.99 with FREE shipping!



Inventor, Bryan Noonan, actually came up with the idea as a bachelor when he was frustrated while trying to unload his grocery cart and it kept rolling into his bumper. He decided he wanted to design something to solve the problem:

“After many different designs with my design engineer Val, we finally evolved my idea into the LotPod you see today. We are thrilled with its functionality and performance as well as its look.  After the product was developed and we had our first rapid prototype, I found out that I had fallen out of a grocery cart as a child! I was not taken to the ER but we discovered that over 24,000 children under the age of 5 are hospitalized every year due to grocery cart accidents. We quickly realized that the LotPod wasn’t only for convenience – it also provides needed safety for moms and their children.”


Bryan and Shay are giving away one LotPod to one lucky JMB winner! Enter to win below!

Thank you LotPod for sending me one to try and for sponsoring this post. All opinions are still my own. 

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