Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids


Thanksgiving is next week and that means turkey, time with family and a few days off school for the kids.  Here are a few easy Thanksgiving crafts to keep the kids busy during their time off.


Paint Chip Turkey

Supplies: Paint Chips from the Hardware Store, Glue, Toilet Paper Roll, Scissors, Brown Paint, Google Eyes

Directions: This craft is super easy and it came about when my kids wanted to pick out their OWN paint colors on a recent trip to Lowes. So if your weekend plans include a trip to the hardware store, keep the kids interested by letting pick out some samples for a craft later on. Start by painting your toilet paper roll brown and set it aside to dry. Cut your paint chips into strips and cut out a beak and waddle for your turkey. Once your toilet paper roll body is dry, glue on your paint chip feathers and turkey face.


Q-Tip Painting Fall Tree

Supplies: Construction Paper, Paint, Brown Marker, Q-Tips

Directions: This is a great craft for little kids because you only need a little bit of paint and using the q-tip to paint is excellent fine motor practice. Using your brown marker, draw some tree branches on your paper. Dip your q-tip in paint and dot some different colored leaves onto the paper. Continue the dotting until you’re happy with your creation.


Grateful Gobbler

Supplies: Construction Paper, Glue, Scissors, Google Eyes, Brown Marker

Directions: This is quiet possibly my favorite craft I’ve ever done with the kids. I love to see what they write down when I ask them what they are grateful for. If you have younger children, you can fill in the feathers for them and then let them cut out the shape. Start by covering your toilet paper roll with brown construction paper. Cut out some construction paper feathers. On each feather have your child write down one thing they are grateful for. Glue on the feathers, beak, waddle & eyes.


Handprint Turkeys

Supplies: Paint, Construction Paper, Colored Pencils or Crayons

Directions: This is a craft that I do NOT recommend doing with a large group. It was fun, but messy. Start by painting your child’s hand and then allow them to make prints on the piece of construction paper. Set the paper aside and allow it to dry completely. Once your paint print turkeys are dry use your colored pencils or crayons to add details to your picture.

So moms, while you’re out buying the turkey and stuffing for Thanksgiving, pick up a few craft supplies to keep the kids busy over the holiday weekend.

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