Valentine’s Day Events In & Around Jacksonville

Now that we’re parents, Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly “only for lovers” like it once was for us all in the past, but it doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate! Now we just get to share the holiday and all of that love with our little humans, too. Whether you are in the market to celebrate as a couple or with the whole family, we’ve got you covered! From arts and crafts events to fine dining paired with the bubbly stuff, there are more than enough events to enjoy during this season of warm and fuzzies. Here are our most anticipated upcoming events!

Rooftop Champagne Soirée | Black Sheep Restaurant
Black Sheep Restaurant
7:00 pm
Hosted by Southern Glazers Wine and Spirits, enjoy an evening of music, luxurious eats, and Champagne! Our Black Sheep Chefs will titillate your senses with their offerings matching such a hedonistic ...

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