Ring in the New Year as a Family!

Planning on ringing in the new year at home with the kids? Me too. You’re never too young to enjoy a good party! And what a great way to teach your kids about goals and resolutions. This may be the first year that my son will understand what’s going on, and maybe even stay up until midnight. It’s the perfect opportunity to start some new family traditions. I think it’s really important to make the day and evening feel special. There are a lot of ideas out there on kid-friendly New Year’s Eve parties (Pinterest people!), but for my young ones I want to keep it simple and fun.

Write Down Your Resolutions

Hearing what your children have to say about next year and what their big plans are can be the most fun part of the day. I asked my four-year-old what he wanted to accomplish in the new year, and made a few suggestions for him–like learning to ride his new scooter, becoming a yellow belt in Karate, and to stop sucking his thumb. He added, “to be a really good boy.” He’s starting to get it. It will be nice to hear what your resolutions will be too! Something I need to start thinking about.

Time Capsule Printable

Time Capsule Printable

Family Time Capsule

I love this idea, and it’s never too late to start! You can literally make a time capsule out of anything! A jar, a shoebox, an oatmeal canister. Add some items that will remind you of the accomplishments of past year; some photos, a new business card, the time capsule download, an ultrasound picture. Have everyone contribute to the time capsule too, especially if you have extended family over. They will love the idea of adding something special to the capsule. My plan is to start a collection and then every five years, open the oldest one up…. or something like that. Here are just a few things I started adding to our not-yet-decorated capsule: JMB Flyer, Brendan’s white karate belt, Audrey’s one year picture… still plan on adding more, including husband’s big accomplishment of getting his MBA!

Time Capsule

Party Like It’s Almost 20__!

OK, here’s where the fun starts! Make your NYE party festive! Hats, noisemakers, and apple juice toasts! If you aren’t’ attending one of the Noon Year’s Eve events in Jax, you definitely want to have a balloon drop, a special toast to the new year and of course, noise makers! This is an easy way to make New Year celebration really fun even though you are celebrating from your living room. One trip to the dollar store and craft store and you can find everything you need for a great party!

NYE Party Supplies

A great start to our NYE Party!!


Here are THE EASIEST crafts I could find! Remember, I am uncrafty 🙂

Ribbon Roll Shakers

A great one for kids of all ages from Spoonful! And my favorite crafts are ones with a short supply list. A ribbon spool, tape, paint, dried beans and stickers! My four-year-old had a blast making these. All we did was add beans to the center of the spool, tape the sides up, paint and sticker the rolls for a festive noisemaker!

Ribbon Roll Shakers

Ribbon Roll Shakers

Ribbon Roll Shakers

Bubble Wrap Popper

What’s so great about this craft? The loud, popping sound is over within minutes (not like some of the other shakers that you may have to hide after 5 minutes). And again, I am all about a short supply list! Bubble wrap, white paper, and colored sharpie markers! I found this one on Martha Stewart and loved the fact that you can make a long “runner” to tape to the floors (or just lay on carpet). The kids can help decorate the bubbles with markers and on the paper they can write 20__. Start Jumping when the clock hits Midnight! Or 8pm for the littles 🙂

Bubble Popper Martha Stewart

Bubble Popper Martha Stewart

Simple Plastic Cup Shaker

Another great way to keep the kids in the spirit of the holiday. Although you may want to send them outside if you make them early in the day. Get some plastic tumblers, fill them with anything, beans, beads, pasta, sequins, anything that makes a fun shaker! Tape 2 cups together and decorate! Thanks to Crafts for all Seasons for this easy project!

Cup Shakers NYE


There are so many ways to do this! If you can’t stay up, just have your own countdown at bedtime! There are also lots countdowns online as well as. Check out timeanddate.com to see when other countries will enter the new year and countdown along with them! Here is a great video to use if you are counting down early! Don’t forget the noisemakers!!


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  1. Carrie S. Dec 28, 2013 at 4:14 pm #

    Cute ideas Vicky! I really hadn’t thought about including toddlers in the celebration. :/ I will now!

  2. Sarah Dec 28, 2013 at 4:24 pm #

    great ideas vicki!

  3. Liz Jan 3, 2014 at 3:26 pm #

    We made the noisemakers with the two cups. Great craft we did with things on hand. The kids loved it and my girls are still playing with them.

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