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Get a chance to work out with one of the few moms I know rockin’ a six pack! I’ve been working out with Alexis Finniss of Strong Mom Fitness for close to three months and let’s just say my pants are a little looser and I am definitely getting close to my goal of getting rid of my post baby physique! Alexis started Strong Mom Fitness to help Mothers lead a healthy and fit lifestyle and set a good example for our children.

How Strong Mom Fitness Began

Alexis grew up playing team sports. She played club lacrosse in college and refereed lacrosse while she was in law school. Once Alexis graduated, she found it much harder to stay active in group activities without that readily available “group” that a school environment provides. She started distance running to stay in shape and to challenge herself, with a preset finish line of running an annual half marathon.

When Alexis and her husband moved to Jacksonville she was introduced to Stroller Strength. She can’t say enough about how this network of mothers and friends has influenced and challenged her. For the first time in her life she began looking beyond just fitting into her clothes, and started setting goals to break out of her normal run, bicep curl, and sit-up routine. Through the pregnancy and birth of her second child, this group not only influenced her to jump right back into getting in shape and setting new goals, but also motivated her to get certified as a personal trainer so she could be part of guiding others on their fitness journey. Alexis loves helping others surpass goals they once thought were out of reach, and she’d love to help more people do the same.

Her business in three words: Strong, Healthy, Mothers

Alexis offers training session at local parks for $45/hr or group of 3 for $120 (kids are welcome) and is teaching Stroller Strength classes in Ponte Vedra at Cornerstone park.







Strong Mom Fitness is offering one JMB reader 1 FREE training session! Enter below for your chance to win!

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