Rock-a-Bye Baby with Nurse & Nurture

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Rock-a-bye baby, mama needs sleep. We all know parenthood is an incredibly amazing, exciting and special time in our lives, but it can also be tiring, stressful and downright overwhelming.

‘Will you please come home with us?’

After Nurse & Nurture’s president, Kristin Baker, had been asked by so many parents, “Will you please come home with us?” as their newborn was being discharged home from the NICU where she worked as a registered nurse, she decided to launch the night nursing agency. Kristin found there weren’t any agencies that specialized in providing overnight care from licensed registered nurses. She did night nursing herself for almost an entire year before she realized that she was really onto something. In so many of the homes Kristin was in, parents would say, “I am so relieved you are an RN. We didn’t realize the term ‘baby nurse’ doesn’t mean someone is an actual registered nurse.”

This is a real misconception and what quickly became the premise of Nurse & Nurture business model. They only hire college educated, state licensed, CPR certified, experienced registered nurses and are proud to be celebrating their 10-year business anniversary.

‘These women have helped me be a better wife and mother’

“My husband and I started discussing hiring a night nurse before our second baby was even born. The lack of sleep we experienced after the birth of our first child affected our relationship with each other and didn’t help with my postpartum depression. We did not want a repeat of those early weeks with a newborn this go around. A few days after our son Duane was born, we emailed Nurse & Nurture. The regional coordinator Abbey responded very promptly, we filled out an application, and by the next day, we had a schedule that worked for our family. The nurses are incredible. We really can’t even put into words how grateful we are to Nurse & Nurture. They have shown such love and compassion to our son and even to our daughter Amelia after a bad nightmare. These women have helped me be a better wife and mother.”  – Olivia H., mother of two and Nurse & Nurture client

Commitment, support & care

Committed to providing the best possible care for every baby, Nurse & Nurture aims to support new parents and help make their lives a little easier as they transition into their new role. The nurses offer lactation/formula support, sleep training if needed, circumcision care, diaper changing, swaddling, soothing, infant feeding, bottle prep, washing bottles or pump parts, helping with the baby’s laundry and more, and the parents have the comfort of knowing their baby is being monitored by a registered nurse. They offer very individualized care, knowing that no two families or situations are exactly alike. The nurses allow parents to get the rest they need to re-energize and make lasting memories with their children. The registered nurses are also capable of handling an emergency if one were to occur during their shift. In the event of an emergency situation, the nurse will notify the parents immediately, carefully monitor the baby and the proper course of treatment will be determined (if necessary: call 911, start CPR, go to the emergency room).

There are no minimum age or time requirements, and Nurse & Nurture does their best to accommodate all client requests (short or long-term). Rates vary depending on the number of babies (single, twins or triplets), and each client receives an itemized invoice each week. Gift certificates are also available if friends, neighbors, family members or co-workers want to chip in together for a gift certificate to be used when the expectant parents are ready.

As parents, we have to remember to do what’s best for OUR families and to enjoy these precious moments!

For more information, visit the Nurse & Nurture website or email Regional Coordinator of Florida, Abbey Busch, RN, BSN.

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