Ice Cream Cake is Reason Alone to Celebrate

Thanks to I Love Ice Cream Cakes for bringing back the memories with these delicious cool treats.

I vividly remember being 8 and attending my best friend’s birthday party. She had this amazing dessert that I’d never experienced — it was both a cake AND ice cream in one! And these crunchy little things! I thought it was the best thing ever. Whatever happened to those delicious, chilly treats? Are they still a thing? And where can I get them nowadays?!

Turns out, they are still a thing, and to find them, I didn’t need to look far. I picked mine up at my local Target, but the I Love Ice Cream Cakes website showed availability at numerous places throughout Jacksonville. Now, I must admit, I had a much different plan for my Carvel® Ice Cream Birthday Cake. Due to this thing named Irma, I had to think fast. So, instead of a large, elaborate celebration for my soon-to-be 7-year-old son, we had a super-quick, late-morning, pre-hurricane birthday party. I could tell he was disappointed in my plan, but I cannot control the weather. Because of the impending storm, many friends had already left town or hunkered down. And it was a Sunday morning. There were many strikes against me in making this birthday a spectacular one. I sent out the group text (no time for cute invitations) and made sure it read, “Birthday fun and ice cream cake!” 

Birthday boy picking out his cake!

Now, I can’t say for certain if my guests showed up because they wanted something to do before the hurricane hit or a place to pre-game before the Sunday football started or if it was for the ice cream cake. I honestly think it was for the cake! I took it out of the freezer about 20 minutes before we wanted to serve it — and that was it for prep! When it was cake time, I placed it in front of my son, and his eyes lit up. When I cut it open, and he saw the two layers of ice cream and the magical crunchy goodness in the middle, he couldn’t wait to try it! I heard a chorus of “I haven’t had one of these in years!” and “I forgot how good ice cream cakes are!” from all around the house. It was the perfect save for the otherwise less-than-perfect circumstances.

Boys enjoying their sweet treat.

Fast forward to after the hurricane. There were still birthdays to have and celebrations to be had! A co-worker of mine had a birthday coming up. I mentioned how excited my son was about his ice cream cake he had a week prior, to which my co-worker replied, “I love those things! I haven’t had one in years!” Well, you can guess what happened next. The following day, I headed straight back to the same frozen-food aisle at my local Target and bought him the Oreo® Premium Ice Cream Cake. At lunchtime, my co-workers and I crowded around the 40-something birthday boy, sang “Happy Birthday” and indulged in ice cream cake. Just as with my son’s birthday, people couldn’t believe that the ice cream cake of their youth was still as good today.

Johnny, proving that all ages love ice cream cake!

Word traveled fast that I was enjoying some amazing ice cream cakes. A few fellow JMB moms decided their kids (and them!) deserved a surprise sweet treat (because Wednesday). Not to mention that this particular Hump Day set a record high temperature here in Jacksonville.

The parents indulged in the Jon Donaire® Caramel Turtle Ice Cream Cake while the kids enjoyed a NEW  Carvel® Ice Cream Cookie Cake. I can’t think of a better after-school treat!

Jon Donaire® Cake — a perfect grown-up treat!

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