So Fresh and So Clean Clean: Simple Plumbing Upgrades to Make Life Easier

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Have you been persuaded to get “Charmin clean” by the adorable family of bears on those Charmin commercials? Despite the fact that the commercials make me giggle every. single. time, Charmin has recognized a need to feel clean after using the bathroom. I hate to think about all of the ways this uncleanliness was discovered, but you and I can both appreciate the messaging, especially if you’ve ever walked into the bathroom after your kids have used it. Bill Fenwick Plumbing offers a variety of ways to upgrade your existing equipment and add a little technology and convenience to your bathroom, first with a Cleansing Seat by Kohler.

Tech Upgrade For A Cleaner You

Upon first use of this seat, you might think it’s a bidet, but you’d be wrong. You may have had the pleasure of using a bidet on your European travels (bidets are most common in Southern European countries like Italy, Spain and Portugal) or heard hilarious stories of the improper use of one. You may have even died laughing at the scene in Why Him? when the dad is looking for toilet paper only to find out he’s sitting on a bidet. Our ignorance of a bidet is not surprising. We don’t find many here in the U.S. and what little we know of them makes us instantly giggle and blush. A typical bidet is a plumbing fixture that is separate from a toilet, think large hand basin. Bill Fenwick Plumbing offers a technological upgrade from bidets of past, and the unique seat offers more than just a spray of water. Much, much more.

Not only does the Cleansing Seat intend to get you clean, it also offers some spa-like amenities while doing so, like the heated seat. This is by far my favorite feature of the seat. It is especially nice when the weather is cooler but even now in May the heated seat is a warm welcome. We have our seat currently set at the medium temperature. But, if you want it warmer or just slightly heated, you can easily adjust to your comfort level. Aside from the heated seat, the other thing you will notice when you sit down is the fan that automatically turns on and pulls air from the toilet bowl through a carbon filter to remove odors. No need for that candle or deodorizer anymore!

Now here’s where the similarities to a bidet come in. Once you’ve gone to the bathroom, you can choose which area you want to rinse using the Front/Back buttons. Like the heated seat, the water temperature can be adjusted to your personal preference. There is also the option to use pulsating (the water stream alternates between soft and strong pressure) or oscillating (the water stream moves back and forth) water pressure. When you feel clean, hit the button again to turn it off. Remember to be seated when using these! My second favorite thing about the seat is the warm air dryer. This nice spa-like feature makes sure everything is nice and dry before you get up. It can also be adjusted and customized.

My husband’s favorite feature is the lid. Using quiet-close technology, the lid slowly and quietly closes. You don’t have to worry about the lid or seat (if your husband or sons are using) accidentally slamming down, which is especially helpful with littles in the house. It’s also important to note that besides the heated seat and fan, none of these features automatically turn on while using the seat. If you, your children or any house guests are more comfortable with the old-fashioned way of cleaning, that’s fine, too!

The Perfect Fit: A Kohler Transitions Toilet Seat

In addition to the Cleansing Seat, Bill Fenwick Plumbing installed a Kohler Transitions Toilet Seat with Integrated Child Seat in my daughters’ bathroom. While the seat is located in her bathroom, it is designed to accommodate both adults and children with a seat for kids and a separate seat for adults. With this option, you don’t have to worry about buying a children’s potty-training seat or even having a separate potty while you potty train. The children’s seat is small enough to fit tiny tushes and offers grip-tight bumpers that prevent shifting. Just like the Cleansing Seat, the Transitions Toilet Seat features quiet-close technology preventing the lid and seat from slamming on little fingers. But our favorite thing about the seat is the nightlight option. The blue light allows my girls to find the toilet in the middle of the night and also serves as an extra night light. It has an automatic 7-hour illuminating cycle and two brightness settings. No more being too afraid to go and running into our room instead.

The Kohler Transitions Toilet Seat with Integrated Child Seat is the perfect fit (literally) for their bathroom needs. Whichever seat you decide to go with, I can guarantee you will feel cleaner, and make you and your family’s life behind closed bathroom doors a little easier!

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