Don’t Stop Believing: Bombas, Socks Everyone Will Love

Thanks to Bombas for helping our family become sock believers and making our mornings a little easier!


I’ll admit, our family hasn’t always loved socks. My husband leans toward flip flops whenever he’s not at work, my son loves the rubber kind of shoes, and my daughter follows in her dad’s footsteps (pun intended) as a fan of sandals. Our mornings are usually filled with “Get your socks on, please. Come on kids, we’re running late… again. I asked you to get your socks on five times already.” Then, “Mom, I have a ripple in my shoe! Mom, my socks are wrinkled! Mom… Mom… Mom!” Sound familiar?

While I dream at night of easy mornings, in reality, our mornings tend to be the stuff (mom) nightmares are made of. With my oldest starting elementary school this year, gone are the days of easy, sandal-filled mornings, and on to the mornings made of finding socks, getting socks on, tying tennis shoes so she can be ready for whatever comes her way — gym, playground, you know the drill. This task usually happens in a mad rush, as we try to get to get out of the house without losing our cool.

We recently discovered Bombas socks, and we’ve suddenly become sock believers! Socks are truly a necessity in sunny Florida, especially when sweaty kid (and parent) feet are involved! Hey, we might even learn to love to sleep in these ultra comfy socks. The creators of Bombas have thought about everything you have ever desired in a sock. From comfort to tech, support to even the littlest nuisances (i.e. the annoying seam in ALL socks we discovered once we had kids), here are my top reasons why you should try Bombas out on your entire family — trust us!


As displayed above, my kids (and probably most) are notoriously picky. They want things their way. They need extra time. If they don’t like something, forget about it. But, give them a pair of socks that are soft, cozy, and slide right into their tennis shoes without wrinkles — sold. Add in fun colors and styles including calf, ankle, socks for youth, toddler sizes that include grippers, and even the (gets me every time) mother-daughter matching pack, and we are all sold. Bombas (sans grippers) also make for excellent “ice skates” around the house (parent supervision required). Kid-approved — we love these socks!

His & Hers

Socks that are soft, stay up and provide extra support whether you are running late to carpool or running on the beach are a must, right? These socks are also anti-microbial and moisture wicking (hello again, Florida) and keep you dry all day. Even my husband got in on the sock fun and can’t wait to sport his Bombas dress socks to the office. I also loved all the fun colors and designs that Bombas offers, plus they are extra cozy if you want to play a little footsy under the dinner table!

Giving Back

One pair purchased. One pair donated. Socks are the #1 most requested thing in homeless shelters. Bombas exists to help solve this problem, to support the homeless community, and to bring awareness to an under-publicized problem in the United States. Bombas has donated over 8,641,000 socks to date. Need we say more?

Exclusive Offer for JMB Readers

About the only thing these socks can’t do is steer clear of the sock-eating-dryer monster in our house. But that’s okay, because if you click HERE and use code JAXMOM for 20% off your first purchase (new customers only), you can buy more socks, and Bombas will donate more socks!

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