Spring cha-ching! Why You Should Shop WeeTRADE This Week!

I love kid’s clothes. Something about a tiny Lilly Pulitzer dress or a Hanna Andersson sweater that just makes me smile. And, I have kids that love clothes. My daughter has been known to make several “costume changes” throughout the day and my son is always sporting a hat. What I love even more than adorable children’s clothes is buying them CHEAP. And by cheap, I mean 80% less than I would pay retail. It doesn’t make any sense to purchase a brand new outfit for an 18-month old that they will outgrow in 6 months. Three-year-olds don’t care whether or not their Gymboree outfit was purchased at Gymboree or somewhere else.  Your kids can still look like a million bucks on a dollar store budget. HOW? By shopping WeeTRADE’s Spring sale!Consignment Deals


Here’s my top 3 tips for shopping WeeTRADE this week:

1. THINK AHEAD. Shop a few sizes larger than you child is now. Think about family pictures, days at the beach, summer vacations. I especially like thinking ahead when it comes to toys. Do you have a child with a summer birthday? What about goodies to go into their Easter basket? The more you are prepared ahead of time with outfits and gifts, the less you are likely to be stuck into paying retail for these items. Santa received lots of help from WeeTRADE last year, he was able to purchase quite a few things in September that were under the tree Christmas morning, saving us copious amounts of $!

Consignment deals

2. LEAVE THE KIDS AT HOME. When shopping, you will be quicker and more focused without the kids tugging on you. It is a great opportunity to gain some Mommy Sanity time while still being productive. And besides, if you are looking for birthday or Easter gifts, it is much easier to do that without trying to hide your purchases while you shop!

3. SHOES ARE THE BIGGEST SCORE! Shoes are often the afterthought of consignment sales, yet your dollar can go further here than most anywhere else. Most toddlers don’t wear out a pair of shoes before they outgrow them, so there are many like new pairs of shoes for very cheap. Sneakers are especially affordable at these sales. (I like to purchase a few pairs of shoes from consignment sales just to keep in the car in case the shoes we have on our feet get soaked from a puddle, lost completely or even ripped/torn. Laugh if you want, but my spare pair have saved me on more than one occasion!)

4. KNOW YOUR MEASUREMENTS & BRING A TAPE MEASURE. It is aggravating that children’s clothing manufacturers vary so much from brand to brand when it comes to sizes. That is why I shop with a tape measure (if my children aren’t with me). I take my kid’s measurements beforehand (their waist, inseam, the length from their shoulders to waist and length from shoulders to ankle).

WeeTRADE Name Brand Children’s Consignment Sale is coming February 7th-10th! If you don’t win the 5pm pass, Jacksonville Moms Blog Fans can PRESHOP 7-9pm Wednesday, February 7th (no children from 5-9pm presale night only). Tell them we sent you! Check out all the amazing deals on children’s new & gently loved clothing, shoes, toys, equipment & furniture! Check www.weetradekids.com for all the details!

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