A Basket a Day Keeps My Clutter Away

The other day I watched as my husband walked out of the living room to grab a drink, leaving his empty snack plate behind. I was confused. Doesn’t he want to take that plate with him NOW so he doesn’t have to do it LATER? I don’t consider myself a control freak, so it got me wondering… Why did I even notice this? Does it really matter if the snack plate stays there awhile?

I decided that it isn’t because I’m a control freak-it’s because I’m a mom. Being a mom is about multitasking 24/7.  I’m rarely doing only one thing at a time and I pretty much NEVER leave a room empty handed.  If I’m not holding a baby, I’m hauling out items that have wandered into the wrong room and need returned.  This is so automatic for me I usually don’t even realize I’m doing it. But there is one thing I’m certain of- if I stopped doing this my house would fall into complete disarray in about 30 minutes flat. The biggest challenge is that I don’t usually have the time to put all these items back exactly where they belong.

Enter, the basket.

Clutter Basket

My basket is a lifesaver. I keep my basket in a central location and dump random stuff in it that needs “dealt” with.  I call it my “organized chaos basket.” Then at some point when I find myself with 15 minutes of spare time and no baby to hold, I tote my basket room to room finding homes for all the items. Winning! Turns out the basket also functions as a sort of lost-n-found. If something gets left lying around, chances are it’s in the basket. Bonus!

Who knew a simple basket could be so helpful?!  Please share your own sanity saving ideas with us!

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  1. meredith Mar 13, 2013 at 6:18 am #

    Im going to do this!

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