The Vagina Mamablogs: Learning To Love Our Lady Parts Through Science

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As many of us moms know all too well, our nether regions are often never quite the same after giving birth, no matter how many kegels we do before, during and after pregnancy. Lucky for their lady parts, two Jax Moms Blog contributors were recently given the opportunity to experience the ThermiVa vaginal tightening treatment with Florida Urogynecology. Here are their experiences with the non-invasive procedure:

Jessica’s Story

When I was presented with the opportunity to try out ThermiVa at Florida Urogynecology, I jumped at the chance! I’m a big fan of the Real Housewives of [insert any big city here] so I had already heard of “Vaginal Rejuvenation” and ThermiVa. I had researched the topic when seeking solutions to help me stop from “leaking” (you know, that little spittle of pee that comes out when you sneeze, laugh — or in my case — try to run). And let’s just say that after two kids, my lady parts don’t look the same as they did 10 or 15 years ago.

I will admit I was nervous when I walked in for my first appointment, as I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was instantly put at ease with the nice woman who greeted me at the office window. (I am happy to report I didn’t see one guy the entire time I was there. I’m not being sexist — just didn’t really want to be full-frontal, Basic Instinct in front of a man who wasn’t buying me dinner.) My wait was short before I met the lovely Lindsay. I call her that because not only was she able to maintain small talk with me throughout the duration of my procedure, but she also made me feel very relaxed and comfortable.

Confession: I was a teeny tiny bit scared when she pulled out the (magic) wand. (Trust me, it is magic, ladies.) Lindsay explained that the wand uses radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue to rejuvenate collagen down below. She focused on three areas of my lady parts, and for 30 minutes, we chit-chatted while she used the magic wand to rejuvenate my hooha. I will also admit that I was sad when it was over. Yet I left the office feeling no different than when I went in — ZERO side effects! It took a few days for me to realize I wasn’t “leaking” anymore, and that was just after one visit (for the ThermiVa to be most effective, it is recommended that patients have three treatments). Now again, since we are friends I will tell you that my tampons fit better, as well. I know some are dying to know what my husband thinks of my new part. I will just say that he is a big fan of ThermiVa, and I cannot wait to see how good I feel after my next two treatments.

Mischelle’s Story

When I was a younger person, I’d shake my head when my mom told me not to make her laugh too hard, or she’d pee her pants. Man, I thought. Getting old must suck.

Well, here I am now, two babies later, and please don’t make me laugh too hard, or I may sprinkle a little. Yep, sorry Mom — I’m ashamed, and karma is a booger. But lucky for me, when you’ve delivered two kiddos vaginally, and you are offered the opportunity to try out ThermiVa, a.k.a. the “vajayjay makeover,” you raise that hand high and proud! Well, that’s what I did, anyway. I wasn’t really 100% sure what I was getting myself into, but I knew I could use some help. By help, I’m talking real life here, folks — you know, a little tinkle when you sneeze incessantly because you suffer from those horrible Florida allergies, or when you feel that, “Oops, did I just leak a little while doing burpees?” And there’s nothing like peeing in your pants when you’re vomiting from the stomach bug you caught from your kid. Yes, this happens, and it’s actually a common problem. Who knew? I never had any idea until I started actually sharing and talking about it, and a large majority of my close mom friends spoke up.

I teach yoga and am no stranger to exercising your pelvic floor, so when I realized I had a problem “down there,” I was mortified and concerned. Will I have to have surgery? Is there more I can do? Are the stoplight kegels not enough? Well, have no fear, there is something you can do about it, and it’s non-invasive! (Well, kind of, but I’ll get into that later.)

I went into my first appointment at Florida Urogynecology and could feel my nerves taking over. I texted my girlfriend and told her I was the youngest person in the waiting room, and maybe I wasn’t in the right place. This isn’t usually the case, but I think my paranoia had set in.

The staff at Florida Urogynecology were so incredibly warm and friendly, and my wait wasn’t long at all. A quick pee test to ensure I wasn’t pregnant, then off we went to the procedure room. This wasn’t your typical medical room with fluorescent lights and sterile walls; it was dimly lit, with nice decor, wall art, and soft luxurious blankets to make you feel a little more comfy. I appreciated that. I met up with the nurse practitioner, Lindsay, who explained the procedure and ensured me that I wouldn’t feel any pain. She showed me “the wand,” which was a lot different than I had originally imagined. If any of you mamas have had a vaginal ultrasound, this is similar, but much slimmer. The procedure lasts about 30-45 minutes and requires no down time or recovery. ThermiVa uses radiofrequency to heat into the female genital region, increasing blood flow to the area, as well as increasing sensitivity, tissue tightness, and moisture balance. The procedure was simple, but different. To keep the wand from burning your lady parts, it must be moving at all times, so it’s a bit different from that quick annual pap or ultrasound you may have experienced. That’s about as “invasive” as it gets. Lindsay was great about my nervous habit of asking a million questions and was incredibly professional. I definitely would recommend anyone to go see her for a consult if you are even considering something like this.

After just one appointment (they suggest three visits for the full effect), I can already report that I no longer tinkle when I laugh, sneeze, or do jumping jacks! That, alone, makes it totally worth it. Added bonus — I have also noticed increased sensitivity in my lady gates of heaven, which makes date nights with my husband much more enjoyable!

Stay tuned for a follow-up post on Jessica’s and Mischelle’s full ThermiVa experience. To learn more or schedule a complimentary ThermiVa consultation call 904.652 .0373 or visit .

About the Authors

Jessica Morgan was born one minute before her twin brother in the “Bold New City of the South” and has lived here ever since. Like most mommies, to define her by just one job title would be impossible, but of all her titles, Wife & Momma are definitely her most favorite. Jessica & Melvin, her husband of 10 years, have two children,- Lily & Henry. Her day job for the past decade has been at Glen Kernan Golf & Country Club, where she coordinates everything from summer camps to weddings. When she is not researching kids crafts and meeting with brides, she’s matching sales ads or breaking in her running shoes (especially on Black Friday). Jessica enjoys Gator Football, all things Disney, steam-cleaning, going to the beach with her babies, playing with her Go Pro, making fudge, JaxsonDeVille, singing karaoke show tunes, a good sparkling white wine, reading Emily Post and writing in cursive.

Mischelle Storm is a proud “boy mom” of two adventurous and active toddlers (that are 18 months apart), and two equally active dogs. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas and made her way to Jacksonville as a military wife. She is married to her complete opposite and best friend of whom she’s known since elementary school. Mischelle is a wanderlust and loves the challenge of getting to know a new city as if she were a native. When she is not wrangling her two adorable boys, Mischelle is a certified Vinyasa and Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Holistic Wellness Educator. She also loves all things beach related, the theatre arts, and often pretends to be the next Iron Chef. Mischelle’s latest venture is working on her family’s future project of building their sustainable, eco-dream-home in the Texas Hill Country.

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