Little Pnuts Toy Subscription {Review and Giveaway}

I was really excited when Jax Moms Blog asked me to review Little Pnuts. I mean… of course I wasn’t going to say no to someone giving my son some new toys! But would I really like the Little Pnuts toy subscription concept? I assumed the toys would be nice but that they would be too overpriced for my thrifty nature. This was my thinking… before we got the box.

How does it work?

The only information I sent Little Pnuts about Evan was his name, sex, and age (he’s 4). They took it from there. (Gee, that was already easier than spending hours searching online, battling stores with kids in tow, reading conflicting reviews, and so on… to find one perfect toy.) Subscribers to Little Pnuts get 4 shipments per year. Each package has 3-5 specially selected toys.

When the box arrived…

Evan was so excited that a package came with his name on it! I was impressed with the cute and clever box!

Little Pnuts Box

Okay you can open it now!

Evan: “Ooooo toys… can I play with them?”

Me: “Ooooo… no styrofoam peanuts… no plastic… no batteries required!!! Yes you can play with them!”

Little Pnuts Opening


Toy #1

The first toy Evan played with was the Story Box Farm made by Janod, a wooden toy company based in France. From a mommy’s perspective… these toys are so cute and very well made. Even if my kids don’t really get the difference, I love wooden toys so much more than plastic ones. However, from the moment I saw what was in farm box, I knew Evan really would love it even more that I did. His reaction… “how did they know I always wanted this?” (Seriously… he says stuff like this. But how did they know?? Hmmm…)



Toy #2

Okay so the first toy was awesome… I’ll give them that. Later that evening my husband opened the Wiggling Cow game made by Haba, a German toy company. As I was cleaning up after dinner, I could hear both of my kids having a blast with my husband and this game. So of course I had to get in on the action too. The game was pretty simple, but cute and perfect for my little ones in need of improved fine motor skills.

Wiggling Cow


Although the game was great for our 4 year old son, our 2.5 year old daughter was also able to enjoy the game as well. Seriously… a game that both of my kids and my husband and I could play together?! Every time I pass by the board game aisle in stores I glance at all the games to see if there are any that would be good for us all. I usually come up short so I’m really happy to find out that there are better options available.


Toy #3

The last toy in the box was another game called Mini Match by Djeco, a French toy company. This was more than a simple match game. Both of my kids were able to play this game as well. What was interesting about this game was how much longer it took the kids to find the to find the matches than the adults. This will be a game that we will be able to play for several years from now. I look forward to seeing how much quicker and competitive this game becomes with time.

Mini Match


So I’m starting to think that Little Pnuts really knows what they are doing. Evan loved both the surprise shipment and the all of the toys. I didn’t spend hours researching. Nothing was made from plastic. Also, all of the toys either engaged us as a family or let the Evan play in creative and imaginative ways. Then I looked up the cost to purchase these three toys elsewhere and found that it’s not a significant price difference!!! I was so shocked and happy to find this. I would gladly spare a few extra dollars (literally just a few) to let someone else do the really hard work of finding amazing, appropriate, well made, creative, and educational toys and games!

We would have never been exposed to these great toy companies without the Little Pnuts package that landed on our doorstep. I think I’m a reformed skeptic!!  Thank you Little Pnuts for the opportunity to play with review some great toys!

Now a lucky reader has the chance to win their own Little Pnuts shipment. Enter below for a chance to win!

Thank you for the special delivery Little Pnuts! All opinions are still my own.

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