Easy 4th of July Crafts for Kids


The 4th of July is next week and with the kids out of school for the summer, it’s the perfect time to get crafting with the whole family. I’ve put together a few of my favorite easy 4th of July crafts to share with our Jax Moms Blog readers. By the way, when I say easy, I mean easy. Most of these crafts require just a few basic supplies that you can find around the house.


F is for Flag
This craft was perfect for my 4 year old, who really enjoys practicing letter recognition. I did the majority of the cutting, but she did all the gluing and painting.

Supplies: Blue, Red & White Paper, Glue, Scissors, White Paint

Directions: Stack the 3 colors of paper together and cut a big letter F. Cut the top part off of the red and white Fs, and finally cut the white F shape into strips. Glue your red F part on top of the full blue F and then glue the white stripes on top of the red F piece. Use white paint to add some star like dots on your blue.


FireworksPaintingEasy4thOfJulyCraftsForKidsFireworks Painting
Both my 4 and 7 year old did this craft, we’ve done it before and it’s always a huge hit. There’s something about transforming an ordinary paper towel roll into a stamp that they love.

Supplies: Paper Towel Rolls, Light Colored Paint or Glitter Glue, Scissors, Dark Construction Paper, Paper Plate

Directions: Cut 1-2 inch slits down the side of your paper towel roll. The longer the cuts, the wider your fireworks will end up being. Dump some paint onto your paper plate and mix in some glitter glue. Use your paper towel roll as a stamp, and dip it into the paint and then press onto your paper to make some fireworks.


Star Printing
This craft is perfect for very young kids. If you have a big enough sheet of paper to stamp it makes great wrapping paper for a summer birthday gift.

Supplies: Paper, Paint, Star Cookie Cutter, Paper Plate

Directions: Spread your paint onto a paper plate and dip in your cookie cutter. You might have to show little kids how to move the cookie cutter around on the plate so that it gets plenty of paint on it.


Confetti Popper
This last craft is fun for bigger kids. It also makes a great alternative to letting kids play with fireworks on the 4th of July. Please make sure to keep all balloon pieces away from little kids, as they can be a choking hazard.

Supplies: Toilet Paper Roll, Markers or Paint, Tape, Balloon, Small Pieces of Confetti

Directions: Decorate your toilet paper roll. Tie the end of your balloon and then cut off the top part. Using tape, secure the balloon onto the bottom of your toilet paper roll. You want it to be taut around the bottom, but not bend the cardboard tube. Fill with confetti and pop the end to see it explode. You can also launch some small pom poms or other lightweight objects.


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