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Delightful Desserts Done à La Mode: Mayfield Creamery Ice Cream

Thank you to Mayfield Creamery for sponsoring this post and for helping busy moms and families make gourmet desserts in their own kitchens!Last minute playdate or neighborhood dinner invite with nothing sweet in the pantry to bring? Forgot to order your child’s birthday cake? It happens to the best of us, but don’t fret! We […]


Eating Breakfast: Trust Me, It’s Harder Than It Looks

It is so embarrassing to admit this, but feeding myself breakfast is a real struggle. It’s completely absurd. I feed my children two breakfasts, my husband one, the dog and the fish all get served breakfast before our day gets going. But somehow, something always gets in the way of my eating the food I […]


How To Send Letters To Santa (And Get A Response!)

If modern communication is teaching us anything, it is that we have a need for speed. We text to make plans, private message when we need to talk, tweet to share, Snapchat to giggle, Instagram to keep up, and the list goes on and on, complete with adorable emojis. Don’t get me wrong; this mama […]