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The Trimester No One Talks About

The first trimester is a beast that very few talk about. You might look totally normal on the outside. In fact, you probably do. But inside, your emotions are going haywire, you want all the bagels, and you feel as if you have the flu for weeks on end. No one is opening the door […]


We’ll Let You in the Mom Club Anyway

“Wait. There are timers for your nipples?” I sat smugly in the corner at yet another baby shower, and this was the response I blurted out when the mom-to-be was overcome with jubilation opening the gift that was her breastfeeding timer. I possibly could have even rolled my eyes, I can’t be sure. At a time when […]


Pelvic Floor Health for New Moms: What’s Normal, What’s Not, and When to See Your OB/GYN

Thank you to Wolfson and Baptist Health for sponsoring this post. Any woman who delivers her baby vaginally will experience a number of changes to her pelvic floor. It’s all part of the birth process, and it’s unique to each mother. “Birth is as different for every woman as pregnancy is, and what you experience […]