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Pelvic Floor Health for New Moms: What’s Normal, What’s Not, and When to See Your OB/GYN

Thank you to Wolfson and Baptist Health for sponsoring this post. Any woman who delivers her baby vaginally will experience a number of changes to her pelvic floor. It’s all part of the birth process, and it’s unique to each mother. “Birth is as different for every woman as pregnancy is, and what you experience […]


Chasing Normal

Throughout our five years of marriage, my husband and I have shared a running joke. After my many attempts to make things from scratch or purchase unique items from the grocery store I thought he would enjoy, he would always reply, “I just like normal.” I learned not to slave over a cake, because boxed […]


Your Delivery, Your Way

Thank you to UF Health North for giving families such great options when it comes to choosing their labor and delivery.At UF Health North, expectant mothers have greater options when it comes to delivering their babies. The campus is home to the region’s newest, most advanced hospital that includes a Labor and Delivery Unit. Located […]


Fostering Stronger Bonds with a Gentle Touch

Thank you to UF Health for providing this information on a gentler alternative to traditional C-sections. When a mother imagines her child’s birth, she envisions pushing, sweating, laboring and finally having her newborn placed on her chest. Cesarean sections are rarely part of that dream and leave many mothers feeling as if they missed out […]