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Dear Dads, Put Mom in the Picture

Many weekends, my family can be found out exploring Jacksonville. We’ll go somewhere like the Jacksonville Zoo, the Museum of Science and History, explore downtown… or we might do something fun at home. Whatever the circumstance, like most parents, we think it’s important to make memories with and for our children. And what happens when we’re […]


Dads Speak Out on What Fatherhood Means to Them

While it might seem as if moms get much of the glory — we do spend nine months growing tiny humans, only to have them painfully pushed or pulled out of some body part, mind you — a dad’s job is equally important when it comes to the game of parenting. This Father’s Day, the Jax Moms Blog wanted […]


10 Father’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Recently, I spotted a dad wearing the coolest shirt at an indoor play gym. It said, “Dads don’t babysit. It is called parenthood.” In BIG red letters on the front of his shirt, this dad was announcing to everyone in the room that he was there because it is what dads do. He did not […]


Stop Applauding Dads for Doing Their Jobs!

A few years ago, when we only had three kids, my husband took them out on some errand with the goal of giving me a very much-appreciated break. He came home beaming: when he left the grocery store, someone had left a note on the windshield, along with a $50 bill, telling him they saw […]


Celebrating Father’s Day (When There’s No Dad)

If you’ve read any of my posts for Jacksonville Moms Blog over the past couple of years, then you probably know I’m a card-carrying Navy Wife- and that at any given time, my husband is probably somewhere far from home. Our first child, Mac, was born about two weeks before Father’s Day during my husband’s last […]