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Take Heart, Transplants

I cried almost every night when I found out. I didn’t want go. I love to travel, but my feet were firmly planted in Texas soil. There is an unmatched pride that Texans have, and it felt like a betrayal to leave my home state. But in 2008, duty called, and despite my best efforts, […]


The Evolution of Mom Exhaustion

Moms are a tired group, as raising small humans is no easy task. The internet is filled with memes about exhaustion; moms can be heard at the park, at Target, and all over discussing the many reason they are so tired. Despite a few too many all nighters in college and late nights out in […]


Battling PMDD: The Evil Stepmonster of PMS

I had tears in my eyes before I had even opened them for the day. I laid in bed for 20 minutes thinking of possible reasons I could call out of work. Sick kids… nope, that was last week. Flat tire… nah, too obvious. Phone in a bomb threat? Too dramatic. Finally, I gathered the will […]


If I Could Turn Back Time

I had my first child almost 16 years ago. I was 26 and full of excitement, terror, and toggling between “When will the baby get here?” and “Let’s keep her in a little bit longer.” The only thing I really knew about being a mother, I’d learned from babysitting and watching Family Ties. At best, I was […]


10 Things People Need to Stop Asking Moms

One of the things you learn from the moment you become a woman of child-bearing years is that almost everyone feels like they have license to ask ridiculously personal details about your “mom life.” This is true even if you aren’t a mom yet. I know that many of these questions come from a place […]


Jacksonville Mom’s “Mom Crush” Monday

We all know “momming” isn’t easy. Motherhood is hard and should be celebrated, recognized, and rewarded! Jacksonville Moms Blog wants to hear from you! In our new series, “Mom Crush Monday,” we want you to nominate your “Mom Bestie.” Someone who is killing it at the hardest job in the world! We want to recognize […]


Chasing Normal

Throughout our five years of marriage, my husband and I have shared a running joke. After my many attempts to make things from scratch or purchase unique items from the grocery store I thought he would enjoy, he would always reply, “I just like normal.” I learned not to slave over a cake, because boxed […]


A Reprieve for the Guilty Working Moms

“You didn’t come, Mom,” she wailed. “You were the ONLY MOM who wasn’t there!” I had no idea what my 6-year-old was talking about when I picked her up that day from school, but her distress was enough to make me start crying. Apparently I had missed her school scout troop’s picnic in the park, […]