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As we are all busy, we try not to be too aggressive on the timeline. You can expect to see a weekly blog with a few thoughts as well as questions to get discussion started. Participate as much as you like! We hope to create some interactive ways for us to share in smaller groups, possibly plan some outings where some of us can meet, but most importantly, we want to just have fun reading some really good books together.

6 Ways to Switch Up Your Tired Bedtime Story Routine

Once upon a time, there was a mommy who was pulling her hair out… To say I have read Spider-Man: Trapped by the Green Goblin! HUNDREDS of times at bedtime is not an over exaggeration. Other frequent encores include The Little Engine That Could, Good Night Moon (of course), Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes, Mighty Machines and By the Light of the Halloween Moon, […]


JMB Book Club :: The Next Book

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah tells the stories of two sisters, separated by years and experience, by ideals, passion, and circumstances, each embarking on her own dangerous path towards survival. For our next JMB Book Club Selection, we’re heading to France in 1939 during WWII and reading the Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. I’m excited for […]


Big Little Lies and a Favorite Author

The voting is over and apparently, everyone likes a good mystery! As I scrolled through my options under the Suspense/Thriller category to make the next Book Club selection, I expected it to be nothing but novels by John Grisham and James Patterson. Both are great at what they do, but I was hoping for something […]

JMB Book Club

Book Club: What’s Your Genre?

We’ve taken a longer than normal break from Book Club as summer ended and school began, which makes me eager to get started back up and begin enjoying some time together reading a great book. We’ve read a variety of books together – quirky, fun, occasionally frustrating, and overall great. I’ve enjoyed the selections you’ve […]


A Wednesday Funeral

As I write this second blog for This is Where I Leave You, I’m on a plane heading to Park City, UT for work. It’s amazing how much I can get accomplished when two tiny human beings aren’t feverishly working to suck up every ounce of my free time. The only noise I have competing […]


Decisions, Decisions… You Pick the Next Book Club Novel

Book Club Friends, I have officially hit an end of the school year wall. The many things that came easy to me in September have become the most challenging parts of my day. Friday spelling tests? No, thank you. Packing lunches? Thank goodness snack packs were on sale last week, so I can avoid portioning […]


How I Jedi Mind Trick My Kids To Read

As an avid reader who loves to get lost in the imaginative world of a good book, I strive to raise children who also love the written word. In an era where iPhones, video games, and electronic devices can easily draw, and keep, the attention of my children for more hours than I care to […]


Book Club: My Summer Reading List

This time of year, I start having deep rooted feelings of dislike towards two people who I love – my son and daughter. They don’t deserve my wrath or short tempered responses, but that’s what they get when they begin flaunting their countdown calendars until Summer break in my face. Only 24 Days! You know […]

JMB Book Club

Chapter One – Introducing the JMB Book Club

First things first. I am so over the top excited to go on this JMB Book Club journey with all of you this year! I love reading and writing, so any opportunity to combine those two things is good. Getting to do both and connect with other women who enjoy reading…even better in my book […]