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Battling PMDD: The Evil Stepmonster of PMS

I had tears in my eyes before I had even opened them for the day. I laid in bed for 20 minutes thinking of possible reasons I could call out of work. Sick kids… nope, that was last week. Flat tire… nah, too obvious. Phone in a bomb threat? Too dramatic. Finally, I gathered the will […]


Pelvic Floor Health for New Moms: What’s Normal, What’s Not, and When to See Your OB/GYN

Thank you to Wolfson and Baptist Health for sponsoring this post. Any woman who delivers her baby vaginally will experience a number of changes to her pelvic floor. It’s all part of the birth process, and it’s unique to each mother. “Birth is as different for every woman as pregnancy is, and what you experience […]


Pediatric Care Without the Trip: A New Mom Q&A with Blueberry Pediatrics

Thank you to Blueberry Pediatrics for providing this new mom (and other families) with much-needed peace of mind from the convenience of their own home! It seems like just yesterday I was with my son as his very first pediatric appointment. The past seven months have flown by, and as a new mom, I frequently […]


Charity Spotlight: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Perfectly healthy humans get blood cancer. You cannot predict it or prevent it. When I learned this, it was all I could do not to burst into tears. That reaction was immediately followed by anger. How unfair! And to top it off, it is very much a “kids cancer.” Seriously? Luckily, amazing philanthropic organizations like […]


Chasing Normal

Throughout our five years of marriage, my husband and I have shared a running joke. After my many attempts to make things from scratch or purchase unique items from the grocery store I thought he would enjoy, he would always reply, “I just like normal.” I learned not to slave over a cake, because boxed […]


Charity Spotlight: The Chemo Noir Story

Cancer impacts everyone. We have all had a friend, family member, colleague or child who has battled cancer.  Some of us win, and for some of us, cancer wins. Cancer is non-discriminant, unfair, ugly and takes everything. It takes your body, your mind, your work, your money… but it can never take your soul, and […]