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Easy Holiday Appetizers for the Busy Mom

‘Tis the season for preparing great food and maybe hosting a holiday gathering or party with family and friends. Being busy moms, we definitely need a game plan on how to tackle such events without becoming overwhelmed — one that allows us to enjoy the festivities, too. Sometimes I get tired of the same old, […]


Gunnar Is a Runner Thanks to Prosthetics

Thank you to Wolfson Children’s Hospital for providing us with this story about Gunnar and the Wolfson Children’s Challenge. Five-year-old Gunnar has a condition called bilateral fibular hemimelia, meaning he was born without a fibula bone in each leg, resulting in the absence of feet. He was diagnosed in the womb at his mother’s 13-week […]


Falling In LOVE Again

I’m competitive. I know it. I own it. I’m okay with it. It runs in my blood. Side Note: I’m mostly competitive within myself; I never make others feel bad when I play with them. I’ve always played a sport since I was little. I grew up watching my mom and dad play volleyball, tennis, […]


Food Allergies: The Struggle is Real

I sometimes daydream about a life without food allergies. Unfortunately, that life is not my reality. I have severe nut (peanuts AND tree nuts) allergies. My family discovered I was allergic to nuts shortly after my mom made a PB&J sandwich for me, and I wouldn’t eat it. Oddly enough, my body intuitively knew that […]


The Great Halloween Candy Buyback

Every kid loves going trick-or-treating for Halloween. And let’s be honest, us moms? We’re not complaining about a good candy haul, either. Still, no one wants their kid going on a weeks-long sugar binge, and hiding it doesn’t really work either; then the only person binging on candy is, well, Mom. So what do you […]