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We Can Disagree... Respectfully

We Can Disagree… Respectfully

There are certain trends I can get behind. Accepting leggings as pants? Yes, please! Binge watching TV shows? Um, is there a better way to watch television? The trend I’m noticing lately, however, is not one I can get behind. It’s the idea that something can only be accepted as true if it’s wrapped up […]

The Dreaded U-Word: Unfriended

The Dreaded U-Word: Unfriended

Have you been unfriended on Facebook? Did you ask the person why they unfriended you, or did you just move on? I’ve been unfriended before. and I didn’t ask. It’s not that I didn’t want to know. It’s just that I’ve evolved to a place where things like that don’t really matter to me, especially […]