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Healthy Eating with Kids… Isn’t That a Contradiction?

Is it even possible to get my kids to eat healthy without losing what’s left of my mind after halfway raising all these kids? Getting a strong willed 3-year-old to do something they don’t wanna do without fighting, serious bribing, and major drama… I hear ya, there are few harder things in life. I have […]


What It Means to Be a Greek Mom

As I write this, I hear my children talking to our Amazon “Alexa” to their YiaYia and Papou (Greek for Grandmother and Grandfather) for the fourth time today. It’s not because they live up north and rarely get to see my children. No, because my parents live five houses up the road. And they typically […]


Easy Peasy Veggie Valentine’s Day Craft

Is it just me, or does it seem like Christmas just ended? Here we are, already preparing for Valentine’s Day. The days have been unusually cold and drab (especially for Florida), but this little Valentine’s Day project is exactly what we need to add a little bright pick-me-up to our daily routine. Bonus: Your children […]