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#MomLife: Finding Balance Between School and Extracurricular Activities

Raise your hand if you feel like you run around CRAZY from the moment you wake up until the moment you lay your head on the pillow. [raises hand] You can’t deny that our lives are busy: We are moms, wives, partners, workers, housecleaners, chauffeurs, referees, nurses, psychologists, chefs — and that’s only for our […]


If Our Kids Judged Us By Facebook

Like most days, I find myself aimlessly scrolling through my Facebook feed, catching up on my friends’ lives, wishing them a  happy birthday, or commenting on pictures of their kids. On its best day, Facebook offers connection to those who live far and near when busy lives prevent more regular in-person interaction. On its worst […]

Kid Free November

Adventure Landing: Jacksonville’s Kids Free November

  Jacksonville’s Kids Free November at Adventure Landing Children 12 and under can play a FREE round of miniature golf with a paid adult ticket. Parents bring your kids to Adventure Landing this November. Why? Free golf and free fun. Adventure Landing is affordable family fun…so close to home! For the month of November kids ages 3-12 […]


Scout Me In: Scouts Has Done Things for Our Family I Never Thought Possible

Thanks to Boy Scouts of America for providing scouting programs for the whole family to enjoy and grow together! First grade was hard for my son. A classroom bully identified him as a target, and we spent several months working through the fallout of the verbal, and ultimately physical, attacks. Out of school, we had […]


So Much for My ‘Chill’ Mom Vibe

While other moms are preparing for back-to-school by mapping out how to buy school supplies without breaking the bank and deciding what gear they can’t live without, I’m over here losing my collective you-know-what. Not because I’m stressed with last-minute errands but because in less than two months, my teenage daughter will officially be driving. In […]


Levi’s Story: The Real Truth About Drowning

On June 9, I shared a picture on Instagram of my youngest two children; 5-year-old Reese and 3-year-old Levi were fascinated by the prescription drop box at Walgreens. The post was nothing special, just a quick moment captured of these two similar profiles I loved so much. My next Instagram post shared the devastating news […]