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Art With More Heart

Thank you to Wolfson Children’s Hospital for sponsoring this post for American Heart Month. It’s creativity that brought Finn’s parents, Matthew Kelly and Marissa Kelly, together when they met as art teachers at a local Jacksonville school. Now, they create art with more heart than ever before, literally. The couple was elated when they found […]


The Trimester No One Talks About

The first trimester is a beast that very few talk about. You might look totally normal on the outside. In fact, you probably do. But inside, your emotions are going haywire, you want all the bagels, and you feel as if you have the flu for weeks on end. No one is opening the door […]


Truth: Parenting Sucks Sometimes (But That’s OK)

We had to wait a long time to have our babies. Our oldest is 10 and our youngest are not quite 2-and-a-half. Through all the failed IUI and IVF cycles, lost babies, a ruptured ectopic, and grief over pursuing the dream for the family we had planned, there was nothing I wanted more than to […]