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Saving a Heart 800 Miles Apart

Curtis Dvorak, co-host of First Coast Living on First Coast News and the original Jaxson DeVille mascot for the Jacksonville Jaguars for 19+ years, has always believed in living in the present. His watch displays only one time: NOW. It’s never slow, it’s never fast, and it’s accurate in every time zone. So it’s no surprise that […]


Art With More Heart

Thank you to Wolfson Children’s Hospital for sponsoring this post for American Heart Month. It’s creativity that brought Finn’s parents, Matthew Kelly and Marissa Kelly, together when they met as art teachers at a local Jacksonville school. Now, they create art with more heart than ever before, literally. The couple was elated when they found […]


Gunnar Is a Runner Thanks to Prosthetics

Thank you to Wolfson Children’s Hospital for providing us with this story about Gunnar and the Wolfson Children’s Challenge. Five-year-old Gunnar has a condition called bilateral fibular hemimelia, meaning he was born without a fibula bone in each leg, resulting in the absence of feet. He was diagnosed in the womb at his mother’s 13-week […]


Buyers with Babies, Beware

Thank you to Wolfson Children’s Hospital for providing such helpful safety information on popular products for infants! When preparing for a baby, new parents invest time and money into baby proofing their home so their little one is safe as they learn and grow in their new environment. They install covers for electrical outlets and […]


Making Home a Safer Place for Children with Asthma

Thank you to Wolfson Children’s Hospital for these helpful tips on decreasing asthma triggers. Asthma is a chronic disease that causes the airways to become irritated and inflamed. Symptoms include coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing and chest pain. It can be intermittent, or it can interfere with daily life. Asthma is the no. 1 reason children […]


Pelvic Floor Health for New Moms: What’s Normal, What’s Not, and When to See Your OB/GYN

Thank you to Wolfson and Baptist Health for sponsoring this post. Any woman who delivers her baby vaginally will experience a number of changes to her pelvic floor. It’s all part of the birth process, and it’s unique to each mother. “Birth is as different for every woman as pregnancy is, and what you experience […]


‘They Were Meant to Be Mine’

Nurse Jessica Hamm remembers the first time she laid eyes on the 14-month-old girl admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Wolfson Children’s Hospital with horrific injuries. Suffering from a skull fracture, brain bleed, broken femur and fractured wrists, malnourished and with a fresh handprint-shaped pattern of bruises on her little face, baby Delilah […]


Every Mile Brings a Smile: The Wolfson 55

The Wolfson Children’s Challenge celebrates our patients’ lives while benefitting the region’s only children’s hospital. Did you know that no child is ever turned away because of an inability to pay? That’s why Wolfson Children’s Hospital needs your help to ensure every child continues to receive the world-class care they need and deserve. You can […]