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My New Kind of Foreplay

When I first started dating my husband, just hearing his voice on the phone got me hot and bothered. It was before texting — GASP! — so there weren’t witty text exchanges riling me up to see him at the end of the day. I vividly remember after our first date, we made it a […]


What I’ve Learned as PTA President

When I was first approached about becoming PTA President at my son’s elementary school, my initial response was, “Heck no!” I didn’t think I was the right person for the position, as there were other PTA board members I felt were more suitable. Then, I engaged in conversations with the current President who was finishing her […]


My Final Word on Resolutions

“I’m going to exercise more this year.” “I’m going to save more money.” “I’m going to spend more time with family and friends.” “I will get organized.” “I will learn something new this year.” “I will quit [insert bad habit].” “I will pay off my debt.” “I will volunteer more of my time this year.” […]


The Dreaded U-Word: Unfriended

Have you been unfriended on Facebook? Did you ask the person why they unfriended you, or did you just move on? I’ve been unfriended before. and I didn’t ask. It’s not that I didn’t want to know. It’s just that I’ve evolved to a place where things like that don’t really matter to me, especially […]


Charity Spotlight: Promise To Kate

Kate Conte is a 3rd grader at Chets Creek Elementary. She is the absolute sweetest friend, has the brightest smile and the best ponytails. She rocks the best hair bows and loves to dance. My son is her classmate, and he says she gives the best hugs, too. Kate also has Myotonic Dystrophy. The Promise […]