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The Baby Monitor Chronicles: When to Stop Monitoring

With the birth of our first baby, I loved registering for all of those sweet baby items you absolutely needed: a wipe warmer, a specially scented trash can for poop and a glow-in-the-dark thermometer for nighttime temperature readings. Okay, I made up the last need, but you get it. Turns out, I didn’t actually end up needing […]

Live Like Local Ponte Vedra

Live Like a Local: Ponte Vedra & Nocatee

It is definitely not a hard-Noc life in Ponte Vedra! Home to the PGA Tour and the Players Championship, as well as miles of beautiful beaches and a variety of local boutiques and restaurants, Ponte Vedra is a must visit (and gorgeous!) seaside community in St. John’s County. After living in Jacksonville for 10 years, […]


I’m a Northerner Trapped in a Southerner’s Body

I was proudly born and raised in southern New Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia. I grew up eating out at delicious Italian restaurants, having real Chinese takeout and devouring mouth-watering Philly pretzels. And then, I moved to the South for college. And I stayed here for a man I still love. I realized not long […]


One Year Ago, I Had My Breasts Removed

My breasts have provided me many different things over the years. In middle school and high school, I watched them grow during the awkward period of puberty. As an adult, they made me feel confident and strong as a young woman. And as a mom in my late 20s, they helped me form a connection […]


The *Real* Reason Why I Work Out

Growing up, I wasn’t really the athletic type. I dabbled in running track in middle school and played one year of high school softball, but it wasn’t really my thing. And that attitude translated into my adult life for sure. After college, I could eat DiGiorno pizza every weekend night for dinner and drink two to […]


Why WE are Repeating VPK (And It’s OK if You Aren’t)

Summer birthdays, I’ve decided, are officially the worst. Sure, my almost 5-year old son, Landon, will still celebrate with his friends this summer with a Ninja-themed birthday party in an air-conditioned facility.  And although his actual birthday is in late July, we’ve officially confused his toddler brother by singing “Happy Birthday” to Landon in his classroom […]


JMB Contributor Family Fun at Wicked Barley Brewing Company

This post is brought to you by the Wicked Barley Brewing Company in Jacksonville. Is the first place that you think of for family fun in Jacksonville a brewery? If not, you may want to think again! Wicked Barley Brewing Company, one of Jacksonville’s finest craft breweries, offers not only a great social atmosphere for […]