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My Problem with Santa

My Problem With Santa Inspires A New Tradition

What can be more magical than the childhood experience of going to sleep on Christmas Eve after a month’s worth of holiday preparation, celebration, and anticipation leading up to the big night that Santa will fly around to leave a pile of gifts for every child? Christmas for Everyone?? And that’s exactly where my problem […]

Finding the Courage to Homeschool

Finding the Courage to Homeschool

It was last spring… we were snacking at a picnic table, shrouded from the afternoon sun by the shade of a large oak tree. Afternoon soccer practice would start soon. Kids were playing on the playground at a distance. His little sister was napping in the car 10 feet away. Other than a few lazy […]

Pet Loss

The Goodbye I Didn’t See Coming

It’s funny how I’ve seen my own life story replayed over and over on the social media stage, but in the lives of my friends. The plot goes something like this… Go to college Get a job Marry your best friend Buy a house Get a dog Go on vacations Have some kids… (sound somewhat familiar?) But for […]


Why Our Vacation Was Awesome and A Waste of Money

Vacation: noun, A period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation.  A couple of years ago when my kids were 4 and 2 years old, just hearing the word “vacation” was enough to raise my blood pressure and send my mind racing with thoughts of how to accommodate our little family’s many, many needs […]


Things on Tracks In & Around Jax :: Trains to Ride, See, and Explore

Choo Chooo… Jacksonville trains are coming through! I haven’t met a kid yet who wasn’t fascinated by the sight of a train. Thanks to my son’s extreme fascination (obsession?) with them we are always on the lookout for more trains to see, ride and explore in Jacksonville! Here’s a list of all of the trains […]

DIY Christmas Holiday Gifts

Christmas/Holiday DIY, Part 2: The Big Gifts

When we put our hard work into making gifts for our children it can often times seem futile… at first. You don’t necessarily spend less, and you always work harder to get a great outcome. Then when they open these things that you painstakingly knitted/beaded/sewed/sculpted/sawed… the value of the handmade gift is often lost to your child… […]


Organized Mornings & The Myth of “The Night Before”

Organized mornings… is that an oxymoron or what? What family has “organized mornings”? Not mine… and no one I know of! Of course I’d like to change that. The conventional wisdom suggests that you should get everything ready for the morning during “the night before.” But hold on… that’s supposed to be family time too, right? […]