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Reflecting on MLK: A 14-Year-Old’s Experience

My childhood summers were always a blast because they consisted of me traveling to see one of my aunts (I rotated between five of them who lived in various geographical locations every year).  The highlight of each trip was when the hosting aunt treated me to a back-to-school shopping trip, but the summer I went to visit my aunt […]


Why I Celebrate Kwanzaa

I have fond memories of celebrating Kwanzaa as a child. We celebrated Kwanzaa because my mother thought the principles were important building blocks for promoting good stewardship while also emphasizing others and promoting character building immediately following the focus of  commercialization of the Christmas holiday. (Let’s be honest, the true meaning of Christmas is sometimes […]


Easy Holiday Appetizers for the Busy Mom

‘Tis the season for preparing great food and maybe hosting a holiday gathering or party with family and friends. Being busy moms, we definitely need a game plan on how to tackle such events without becoming overwhelmed — one that allows us to enjoy the festivities, too. Sometimes I get tired of the same old, […]


Food Allergies: The Struggle is Real

I sometimes daydream about a life without food allergies. Unfortunately, that life is not my reality. I have severe nut (peanuts AND tree nuts) allergies. My family discovered I was allergic to nuts shortly after my mom made a PB&J sandwich for me, and I wouldn’t eat it. Oddly enough, my body intuitively knew that […]


Busy Activities to Minimize Screen Time

In my house, we use screen time sparingly and mostly as a treat. Television isn’t something that my daughter gets the opportunity to watch too often — we definitely keep it within the limits as suggested by the American Academy of Pediatrics, yet she still gives us resistance when it is time to turn the television […]