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Getting a Mammogram: When Your First is the Worst!

I thought I knew what to expect… until I didn’t. I turned 40, and I scheduled my first mammogram. My friends who had gone before me told me how nice the experience is, all things considered — think fuzzy bathrobes, pretty waiting rooms and lots of kind and caring nurses. They were right about all […]


Traveling: A Mom’s Perspective

Exhausted, I slid into my row and fastened my seat belt as the plane pushed back from the gate. I was barely paying attention to the aircraft safety features when the pilot warned me to expect some turbulence during takeoff. I literally laughed out loud thinking it can’t be any worse than what had happened […]


Come Find Your Fitness With Jacksonville Moms

Jacksonville Moms Blog wants to help you look and feel your best by hosting our first ever FINDING YOUR FITNESS Challenge! This six-week challenge is open to all fitness levels, all ages, working moms, stay-at-home moms... any JMB reader who is ready to change their life for the better! Throughout the six weeks, participants will [...]

Take Heart, Transplants

I cried almost every night when I found out. I didn’t want go. I love to travel, but my feet were firmly planted in Texas soil. There is an unmatched pride that Texans have, and it felt like a betrayal to leave my home state. But in 2008, duty called, and despite my best efforts, […]


Gifted Guidance: A Peek Into the Testing Process

It enters a young mother’s mind sooner than she thinks. Her child starts to walk early, and their cooing turns into “Mama” and “Dada” before others in the playgroup. Mom mindlessly starts comparing her child to others, and before they know it, they are tacking on the “talented” and “gifted” labels. After all, a mother […]