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The Most Valuable Gift

For my oldest daughter’s first birthday, I went all out. Handmade decorations, homemade pizza for 30 people, perfectly Pinterest’ed rainbow cupcakes… it was perfect, beautiful, and everything I imagined my first child’s first birthday should be. With every person who came to offer heartfelt congratulations and well wishes came something else — a beautifully wrapped […]


Because You See Me, I Exist

Difference is what makes us unique and beautiful. Our differences can cross all sorts of social and cultural experiences, and that sometimes requires reaching out of our immediate circles to find ways to embrace and learn to support communities that you may not otherwise be a part of. For a long time, tolerance was touted […]


Mama on the Go: Traveling for Work

There is no doubt that being a working mom comes with its own set of victories and struggles. My wife and I both work full-time, demanding jobs, and there are multiple schedules to juggle, pickups to coordinate, and kid activities to fit alongside our corporate responsibilities. The idea of work-life balance is great, but when […]