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Yes, You Can Pura Vida in Costa Rica with Kids!

In December, we took our 7-year-old son to Costa Rica. It was his first time out of the country and he was excited to get his first stamp in his shiny, new passport. This was the first time leaving our 8-month-old home with his Gaga, so I was a little nervous. But the minute we […]


When Your Kid Starts to Doubt the Magic of Santa

I knew this day would come — the day my son would start questioning Santa’s authenticity. He’s 7 years old and in second grade. Someone in his class (who has older siblings) told him Santa was not real and that parents wrap and hide presents under the tree, not Santa. WHY would another child deliberately […]


To My Grandparents: You Helped Shape Who I Am

This week would have marked my Pop Pop’s 102nd birthday. I’m thinking of him today, as I do so often. Many of my nightly dreams take me back to my Nana and Pop Pop’s house in Tampa, where I spent countless days as a child. I distinctly remember his underground worm farm, and after an electrical charge into the ground, I would run around […]