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We’ll Let You in the Mom Club Anyway

“Wait. There are timers for your nipples?” I sat smugly in the corner at yet another baby shower, and this was the response I blurted out when the mom-to-be was overcome with jubilation opening the gift that was her breastfeeding timer. I possibly could have even rolled my eyes, I can’t be sure. At a time when […]


Don’t You Dare Call My Daughter Bossy

When I was in third grade, one of our school assignments was for the class to break into groups and complete a project together. The project was simple, but it required each person to take on a portion of the task in order to complete it in the allotted time. After a few minutes of our […]


Why We’ll Never Fry a Turkey Again

Ahhh, Thanksgiving…  a time of food, family, fun, and frazzled-mom freak-outs. Ladies, I don’t even cook, but with two kiddos under the age of 3, I’m more and more stressed each year. The planning, the prepping, the menu-creating, the hangovers, the cleanup, the home equity loan you have to take out in order to afford […]