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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Not Just Another Day Off

Each year, many of us look forward to enjoying a day off on the third Monday of January when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday (MLK Day) is observed. But what are we really observing? I get it. Everyone is not necessarily planning to attend the annual MLK Holiday Parade with their family, marching in solidarity […]


The Sleepover Conundrum

I find myself writing this post with more questions than answers. Like most parents, there are a million things I’m constantly trying to protect my two young children from while attempting to allow them to continue to enjoy seeing the world through their rose-colored glasses. But there’s a fine balance between letting them enjoy their […]


Mother’s Day: Lessons Learned About What Matters Most

As I approach my second Mother’s Day without my mom, I feel like I’m in a better position to reflect on some of the most important lessons she taught me. These include lessons about my family history, lessons about faith, and hard lessons about love. Not surprisingly, the ones I reflect on most often lately […]


My Newfound Love of Scavenger Hunts: 10 Reasons to Try Them

With a playroom full of toys and more board games than we can count, I still sometimes find myself competing with electronic devices and TV shows, looking for new ways to keep my children entertained and intellectually stimulated. Luckily, scavenger hunts to the rescue! I was reminded of these greatly under-utilized adventures during a recent […]


(Don’t) Act Your Age

Have you heard that “40 is the new 30” and “30 is the new 20”? I imagine the phrase refers to us moms doing our best to raise happy and responsible children, making our own positive mark on the world and looking fierce doing it (at least on most days). But does “40 is the […]


Love & Marriage: The State of Our Union

With a new administration in office, some people are likely hopeful about what the future might bring, while others are overwhelmed with feelings ranging from regret to anxiety to fear.  I’ve learned that the lifelong commitment of marriage and parenthood often takes us through a similar range of emotions. One could argue that in both […]


9 Trends to Spice Up Your Fall Fashion Game

Being a mom boss, in the throes of running a business or handling business often leaves little time to keep up with ever-evolving seasonal fashion trends. Don’t fret… full days of diaper changes, soccer games or balancing everything from play dates to lunch dates don’t always have to translate into a daily uniform of yoga […]


Grandparents’ Day: 10 “Grand” Ways to Honor Them

“The only thing better than having you as parents, is having you as grandparents to my children.” In Loving Memory of Bobby J. Penn a.k.a. Mom a.k.a Grandma Bobby (December 24, 1946 – September 2, 2016) I have always nurtured the relationship that my children have with their grandparents. Being blessed with a wonderful relationship […]


My Summer Style Crush: Mox Jellies

Thank you to Mox Shoes for partnering with Jacksonville Moms Blog and giving me the opportunity to experience your fashion-forward product. All opinions are still my own. Fixing the Fashion Frump As much attention as I paid to detail before I had children, admittedly after my first son was born, it was a bit difficult for me to get […]