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Scout Me In: Scouts Has Done Things for Our Family I Never Thought Possible

Thanks to Boy Scouts of America for providing scouting programs for the whole family to enjoy and grow together! First grade was hard for my son. A classroom bully identified him as a target, and we spent several months working through the fallout of the verbal, and ultimately physical, attacks. Out of school, we had […]


5 Tips From a Full-Time Working (and Breastfeeding) Mama

Before having kids, I thought the hardest part of being a new mom would be the sleepless nights. Don’t get me wrong, those are hard (thank you, coffee), but I never even considered the myriad of concerns and issues surrounding feeding. Despite taking parenting classes at the hospital and reading several books while pregnant, I […]


Five Ways Parents and Caregivers Can Support Teachers

With a new school year upon us, many families are thinking about back-to-school shopping, helping their kids adjust to a new classroom and fitting school back into their daily routine. But there’s another important thing parents can do to help their kids be successful this year: supporting their teachers. Teacher retention is a huge issue […]


After Infidelity, All Paths Lead to Hard Work

When I first got married in my twenties, I knew exactly how I would handle infidelity if it ever occurred. I would certainly, most definitely, unquestionably leave immediately.  Nearly a decade later, the unthinkable happened. I found some emails I wasn’t supposed to see, and my world came crashing down.  A week earlier my husband […]


Levi’s Story: The Real Truth About Drowning

On June 9, I shared a picture on Instagram of my youngest two children; 5-year-old Reese and 3-year-old Levi were fascinated by the prescription drop box at Walgreens. The post was nothing special, just a quick moment captured of these two similar profiles I loved so much. My next Instagram post shared the devastating news […]